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Republican comedy done by Tom. Since I was born and am based in Oregon I often ask myself “Republicans, too dumb to win?”. We finally won a state wide race in Dennis Richardson, praise God for miracles.

Today I wrote a face book post that talked about a new planet I created, it is called Sow Right. Where we sow seeds of faith to turn the planet we call Sow Right to affect improvement in faith & religion here in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. As I write this I realize there are other cities on Sow Right, 11 others besides Tomedii. Is Tomedii the Capitol, I don’t know yet.

It has taken me 26 years of being a Christian to realize the inertia of the ministry I have made can now be called a planet, there is a spin to what I am doing.

Please join me on my new planet called Sow Right, my chosen city is Tomedii.

Tomedii was birthed from the combination of Comedy & Tom.

I did research on various search engines to pick an original. I tried several before coming up with this one. Besides Comedy & Tom though buried in the middle is the abbreviation ed which is short for one of my web sites, , along similar lines ed can refer to scholarship which is the focus of my main web siteĀ . Along with these two web sites is my third one abbrev. htpac http://www.HowToParentAmidstComplexity which is the name of my unpublished book by that name. It answers 3 hot button questions 1) when do children become accountable for their sin? 2) when do children become adults? 3) should children be baptized? The double i(ii) comes from the Latin in various names, primarily in my understanding, plant names. My amazement in the Creators phylum’s of types within the created order of living things.

In addition to these I host 3 sites 1) Mazama Effects, 2) Oregon Freedom Network, 3) Healing & Deliverance.

Not to be boring I have a channel with nearly 2k videos, many of my street corner videos at Market & Lancaster here in Salem Oregon along with 39 other play lists for a wide array of interests.

Besides these I work in various other areas including 1) the Marion County Republican Party for the advancement of Precinct Committee People here in our county 2) Ministry from Market & Lancaster which includes various outreaches throughout the year (I will write on them later {SPSP, OPB, MCBB, OCivilWar, PP) 3) Marion County Coordinator for the Nation Wide 4) Oregon State Coordinator for Nation Wide, Cry Out America Prayer Team with various activities 5) Forum Chapels leader for the Oregon chapter and National site for 6) Pesticide Recertification training through my licenses I hold from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture. 7) Plant Health Care work I do for a local business these last 8.5 years & the side work of other activities in the Plant Health Care field for others and plant propagation which I will explain later.

I also enjoy family life with my wife Julie, my daughter Natasha & Son Isaac. We each have a unique call of service in and for the kingdom of Heaven. We aim to serve daily.

Be of good cheer.